‘Inspired' stands for creativity, ‘Yoga' stands for learning a healthy life style, and 'Travels' stands for discovery and fun, as we believe
life is meant to be fulfilling, and lived in joy! 


Nîmes - France

Nîmes, France & Sightseeing. Enjoy a yoga practice in the blissful cocoon of la Bastide d'Andréa, organic French local cuisine and private tours; favorite country trails, treasure trove of ancient French, Roman monuments, and coastal villages. 



Goa - India

Goa, India & Leisure.  Enjoy your yoga practice in an outdoor yoga studio surrounded by palm trees. Go for strolls on the beach, relax around the pool, venture in one of the numerous markets of Goa. Let your senses guide you. Discover the Golden Triangle and its world famous monuments...

Les 2 Alpes - France

Les 2 Alpes, France & Hiking. Stay at stunning four stars Châlet Mounier***, a classic mountain style overlooking Les Ecrins national park. Hike amongst the most beautiful mountains in the world. Reconnect with Nature. 



Santa Cruz LL - Guatemala

Santa Cruz La Laguna, Guatemala & Holistic Health. Stay at the exclusive Villa Sumaya.  Dive deeply into the refreshing natural beauty of its majestic horizons and along with a daily yoga routine learn about an holistic approach of health. Nurture a deeper connection with your Inner Being.  

Jura Mountains - Switzerland 

Jura Mountain Range, Switzerland & Sightseeing. Discover breathtaking landscapes, historic monuments and local foods, between lakes, mountains and vineyards that are part of the Swiss heritage. An enchanted land that invites meditation and wonder.



Millbrook - New York

Millbrook, New York & Photography. Explore the spiritual aspect of Yoga and Art. Dive into mindfulness in the beautiful Dutchess County. Enjoy and appreciate the presence of nature. Connect with your creativity through this three days photography workshop...

“What a beautiful 'Inspiring' journey, and so givingly led. It opened many doors, for which we are so grateful. Thank you, we loved every minute of it... ”