Yoga & Well-Being

Come and nourish your soul at the exclusive Villa Sumaya located in Santa Cruz La Laguna in the heart of the Mayan highlands on the shores of Lake Atitlán believed by the Maya to be the center of the Universe where God’s seeds of mankind evolved.  
Dive deeply into the Kalyana Ka healthy life style. Enjoy a daily yoga practice that includes a Hatha Integral Yoga class with breathing techniques, meditation and the philosophy and psychology of yoga, overlooking the beauties of the lake. Experience the ultimate goal of yoga - the quietude of the mind. Get a private/one on one session to establish a yoga routine. Rejuvenate, and end each day with guided deep relaxation. Be in the presence of a Mayan shaman and experience a powerful healing ceremony. Savor delicious and nutritious foods.



Six nights at the peaceful Villa Sumaya
One night in Guatemala City
Daily yoga class
Evening deep guided relaxation/Yoga Nidra
One on One/Personalized Yoga Routine
Healing ceremony lead by a Mayan shaman
One evening Kirtan
Swim in the lake, and the pool
Hikes around the lake
Hot tub
Spa offering various modalities of massage and treatments

A Glimpse of the day...


Daily yoga routine - Integral Yoga class including relaxation, breathing techniques and meditation. Learn about the philosophy and psychology of yoga. Savor a delightful organic breakfast overlooking the scenic Lake Atitlan, participate to a healing ceremony and enjoy some free time.


 Swim in the lake, enjoy some relaxing time at the spa, get a massage or a tarot reading session, read this book you’ve been wanting to read for the longest time but you’ve never gotten the chance to, write, go for a hike, discover the neighboring villages and much more.


End the day with a delightful dinner at Villa Sumaya. Refresh, relax, go for a last walk, share your experience, remain silent... Do what makes you feel good. Bed time Deep Guided Relaxation that will lead you into a smooth restorative night of sleep. 



Your Inspired Yoga Travel is waiting...

"You begin by serving your own needs. You journey by serving the needs of others. You end by serving the needs of the whole. This is when the journey is complete." - Wallace Huey