Yoga & Leisure.

Inspired Yoga Travels by Kalyana Ka invites you to an authentic yoga vacation in Bali, Seminyak.
Stay in a private villa and rejoice in the luxury of a private staff. Feel pampered. Enjoy delicious meals freshly made for you by the private chef of the villa, the presence of a butler at your disposal, and a well groomed staff.
Enjoy a daily group yoga practice of the body and the mind, but as well private sessions designed just for you. Discover breathtaking sceneries, embarque on some fun adventures - surf, horseback ride, relax on the beach or by the pool, visit the surrounding of Seminyak, the near by temples and feel the Bali’s zen attitude. Surrender and let go.
An enchanted land that invites meditation and wonder.



Accommodation in luxurious private villa
Private chef and butler with staff
Daily Integral Hatha yoga class
One Yoga workshop to create a daily routine
Private yoga lifestyle sessions
Meditation sessions
Deep guided relaxation
Private swimming pool
Near by beaches
Minutes away from Seminyak
Free WiFi

A Glimpse of the day...


Begin the day with a daily yoga routine, a ninety minute Integral Hatha Yoga class including breathing techniques and meditation. Feel your own presence. Learn about the philosophy and psychology of yoga, and stress management tools. Enjoy a delightful breakfast on the terrasse and appreciate the start of a beautiful day ahead! 


Leisure. Relax around the pool, go to the beach, swim, horse back ride, surfboard, read the book or magazine you never get the time to read, venture into town, discover breathtaking sceneries, temples, Bali’s zen culture and more. Meet with this enchanted land - Do what makes you feel good!


End the day with a delightful dinner either at the villa or "en ville", enjoy a last short digestive walk, a sunset meditation, mingle, share your experience, relax and at bed time let yourself be guided into deep relaxation that will lead you into a smooth restorative night of sleep. 



Your Inspired Yoga Travel is waiting...

"The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen." - Rumi