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Kālyana is her Sanskrit name, Karine is her French one. Born in France now based in New York; she was introduced to yoga in India in 2003, and has been practicing since then. She graduated from Integral Yoga Institute, in NYC, Asanas and Pranayama : Level I 200-Hour; Asanas and Pranayama : Intermediate Level II 176-Hour, Gentle and Chair training 100-Hour; and Raja Yoga, the philosophy and psychology of yoga 80-Hour.
She is as well a certified kids yoga teacher, graduated from Kidding Around Yoga school.
Kālyana is a passionate, spiritual, and artistic person, also dedicated, and practical.
Her background is rich in travel, fitness, nutrition and creative work, all formative experiences that have helped her teach spiritual well being, wholeness, and healthy living.
Her everyday life embraces yoga, meditation, organic living, and the learning of spiritual teachings. This routine helps her to convey a sense of stability, and mindfulness to students, and others.
As an Integral Yoga Hatha teacher she approaches each class as a complete yoga practice, experiencing chanting, asānas or physical poses, a guided deep relaxation, prānayama or breathing techniques, and a brief meditation.
She created her company Kālyana Ka in 2015 and created Inspired Yoga Travels in 2016 as her passion is to create and lead people around the world. One country; one theme. ‘Inspired' stands for creativity; ‘Yoga' stands for learning a healthy life style, and Travels/Vacations for FUN, as she believes life is meant to be fun, and lived in joy!

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Fabrice was born in France and has been living in Switzerland since 2004. He fell under the charm of this sumptuous land, especially the French side of it, called Romande. 
He found work as a social cultural manager for a farm that produces organic vegetables only at the foot of the Jura Mountain Range. Since then he welcomes at the farm, with enthusiasm, groups of city dwellers and shows them what a day of work in the fields looks like.
At the same time, Fabrice trained to become a comedian and has acted in many different plays, and has created his own company. Creative collectivity has been a passion for him, and he is now undergoing a training in drama at the University of Lausanne with the willingness to write his own screenplay and direct it.
To find balance in his active life, Fabrice enjoys some quietude hiking gorgeous mountains and the discovery of delightful new sceneries as often as he can according to where his path takes him.

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Depuis 2005 Laurence partage sa vie entre la France et l’Inde qui fut pour elle un véritable coup de coeur. Elle y a suivi des cours sur la médecine traditionnelle, l’Ayurvéda ainsi que le yoga, la méditation et autres pratiques énergétiques. 
Aujourd’hui thérapeute en Ayurvéda et professeur de yoga, elle exerce des massages, bilans nutrition, conseils de bien-être, cours de yoga et méditation dans le centre qu’elle a créée avec son mari dans les alpes française au coeur de la vallée d’Abondance. Ayurom.com
Laurence a toujours ressenti une grande connexion avec la Terre Mère, la Nature, et l'énergie des éléments qui nous entourent, c’est en eux qu’elle trouve sa source. Ses  soins et enseignements sont empreints de cette symbiose. 



Sandrine MARTIN est gérante d’un centre de remise en forme  et d’un Stutio PILATES depuis 11 ans à Ales en Cévennes dans le sud de la France d’où elle est originaire.
Professeur diplômé d’état des métiers de la forme depuis 25 ans, c’est tout naturellement, après des années de cours de Fitness qu’elle s’est tournée, il y a 10 ans vers les techniques de gymnastiques  douces que sont le Yoga, le Tai chi et la méthode Pilates.
Suite à de nombreuses formations internationales dans ces domaines, elle approfondie ses connaissances avec le Rose Pilates (à l’intention des femmes atteintes ou en rémission d’un cancer du sein). Egalement, formée en Pilates pour les séniors et les femmes enceinte, cette méthode est devenue pour Sandrine une véritable passion qui a changé sa façon de voir l’être humain d’une manière globale en intégrant la respiration et l’esprit à la culture physique.
Elle dispense ses cours avec empathie et bonne humeur s’adaptant à la demande, au niveau et aux besoins de chacun.


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 Julien has been hiking, mountaineering, skiing and climbing since he was young. After many years in development aid and humanitarian assistance he set up his own business to offer a friendly and flexible trekking service for those who want to spend more time in the wild.
Julien’s love of the outdoors is combined with a belief in the health and mental benefits of a good long walk.
Julien grew up in Paris and Burgundy before studying Geography and Political Science in Lyon. He then lived and worked across Asia, North America and the Middle East. From his many years in the international NGO and UN world, Julien has developed a very open and worldly view on life which manifests itself in an ability to get on with people form everywhere and anywhere.
There is a comforting calmness to Julien that comes from both is character and experiences. He knows the Alps very well, having spent much of his time there. He is a qualified UIMLA International Mountain Leader and a member of both the Swiss and French Mountain Leader Associations. He lives just outside Geneva.